Saturday, January 6, 2018


Fun Kindergarten field day

Cute girls on Snapchat filters

Breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day 

Taysom’s  Third Birthday 

He loves his bike and sandbox 

We sure love this Birthday Boy! 

Dress up like your future career for Kindergarten graduation...Khloe picked pop singer 

She did great and sang all of the cute songs into her microphone like a real pop star!

Nixon and Khloe. Friends since preschool 

We sure loved Mrs. Wortham! 

Khloe the pop star and her cousin Kaylee the dentist

Taysom’s Family Birthday Party

Fun piƱata prizes! 

His favorite gift! 

Yummy summer dinner! Daddy was doing the awards assembly at his Junior High

Memorial Day! 

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Jellybeans and Coloring during the morning session of general conference. 

Bunny Cake 2017 

Swimming in St. George. I took the kids down to my grandmas condo for Spring Break.  Jason did not have his break at the same time and had his internship and had to work. Justus went back to SC for the break. 

At the park in St. George
Khloe posing at the condo. This staircase brings back such fun childhood memories.
My favorite Easter tradition...dyeing eggs. I LOVE it! 

Family egg hunt


Easter Sunday. We had a great day! The Easter bunny hid our baskets inside which was a fun new tradition! 


Dress-up day for Dr. Seuss' Birthday. Cindy Lou Who

Marion was SO excited to help get her ready! 

The girls were so happy when Jason walked in with this surprise. He remembered the anniversary of our first date! 

Leprechaun Trap! 

The kids were so excited! 

Sneaky Little Leprechaun! 

I got together with Jenni and Emmy Lou. We were the best of friends 15 years ago and it seems like no time has passed. 

Happy Day! Khloe teared up when they left because she loved seeing me SO happy. 


Snuggles Valentine's night with new stuffed animals

Marion and her robot Valentines box
Justy and Khloe Birthday weekend

We got Khloe a mask and cucumbers for one of her gifts. She could not wait to try it out! 

Birthday girl

Show and Teach in Kindergarten 

We had a trolls party and one of the stations was chalk colored hair!